sometimes a dream begins with just an 'idea' …

Welcome to Your Creative Journey…I have started this new venture in the hope of bringing something totally different and creative to stores and consumers in Australia and New Zealand.

So many times I have heard friends and scrappers say to me, oh I wish we could do a workshop with an International Artist/Educator…it seems such an impossibility with the costs associated with traveling to another country and let’s face it how many of you could justify flying overseas to go to ONE workshop with someone famous.

So instead of you having to go there, I am bringing them HERE, yes you read right! I am bringing International Artists and Educators here to Australia and New Zealand to give you the opportunity to attend one of their workshops!

I am SO VERY excited about this venture and I am honoured that I already have a number of International Artists/Educators from America, Europe and New Zealand, who have signed up with me EXCLUSIVELY.

I have a list of stores here in NSW who have also signed up with me to host the workshops and have some pending in WA and VIC. If you are a store owner and are interested in being a part of this wonderful venture or if you are a consumer and you want your Local Store to host an Artist/Educator, please email me at for more information.

At this stage I have already booked 4 Artists/Educators to come to stores in Australia in 2011! I will be trying to bring someone on a monthly basis in 2012 to both Australia and New Zealand.

Your first Guest Artist/Educator is  TATTERED ANGELS GOLDEN AMBASSADOR NATHALIE KALBACH from Germany, to BOOK a workshop with Nat, click on the SCHEDULE PAGE up the top and you will find all the details there!

To keep updated please join our facebook page here.




Comments on: "Your Creative Journey starts here!" (6)

  1. Congratulations on your new adventure!

  2. What a fantastic idea sherry. Congrats on this wonderful step! Im sure and know this will be a huge success!!

  3. wow sherry this is awesome congrats on getting this up and going im sure its going to be a huge success for you….

  4. OMG this is just such an awesome idea!!
    you rock girl…do you ever stop???
    congrats on your new venture…looks like you have flung open that window 😉

  5. mate. what an intelligent and amazing idea. Top one mate. I’ll will be looking with great interest for SA locations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kerry Murray said:

    Wow what a fab idea i so want to meet a couple of these ladies i hope they will be coming closer to SA take care Kerry

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